Beijing subway crash leaves 102 with broken bones
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Beijing subway crash leaves 102 with broken bones.

According to Chinese state media, 102 people have been injured as a result of a collision between two subway trains in Beijing during rush hour.

Snowstorms reportedly caused slippery tracks on the Chinese capital’s transport network as a result of a series of snowstorms that hit the region. Such accidents are not common.

China Daily reported, citing Beijing transport authorities, that this then caused a “signal degradation” in the system, which then led to the first train suddenly braking.

Despite the fact that there was ice on the tracks, the following train was unable to slow down in time, causing it to slam into the rear of the first train as it came down them.

As a result of the impact, the last two carriages of one of the trains detached from one another. The exact train that was decoupled is unclear at the moment.

The images and footage that have been posted online show commuters crammed into train carriages, left in the dark because of power cuts. There were some people who were seen using emergency hammers to smash out windows so that they could get some fresh air.

According to a video posted on the Chinese social media network Weibo, a woman is seen lying across several train seats after appearing to faint in a clip posted on the site.

A total of 67 people are still in the hospital for treatment, while 25 of them are undergoing observation, according to reports. The incident did not result in any deaths.

Chinese netizens were furious at the incident, and they posted furious comments on social media. A number of people were shocked by the number of injuries sustained in the collision, while others lamented the inconvenience caused by the incident.