Apple’s iPhone 15 event kicks off on Tuesday
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To launch the products, Apple will stream a prerecorded video featuring company executives on YouTube and Apple’s website. The event last year lasted about an hour and a half. Since 2020, Apple has used prerecorded videos for its product showcases.

Launches by Apple build buzz for products and prepare the company for a marketing blitz heading into the December quarter, its biggest sales period. Thirty-one million people have viewed Apple’s YouTube video from last year’s launch, indicating that customers still prefer direct communication.

With the new iPhones, Apple hopes to break its sales slump, fight off renewed competition from Huawei and persuade Android users to switch.

A new VR headset, the Vision Pro, was also announced by Apple in June ahead of its launch in 2024. A company update could be provided on its efforts to attract developers, but more details about the product are unlikely to be released until next year.

It is unlikely that Apple will unveil new Macs or iPads on Tuesday, since the company usually gives them their own events. Apple announced new iPads through a press release last year.

“Wonderlust” is the tagline on this year’s launch invitations, although the taglines don’t necessarily preview what the company will announce. The launch will be covered live on Apple’s headquarters.

In September last year, Apple announced new iPhones, Apple Watches, and updated AirPods. This year’s edition will include the following: