Angus: Euphoria star’s mother says his death was ‘not intentional’
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Euphoria actor Angus Cloud, who died last week at the age of 25, spoke about his “joyful” last day and revealed he didn’t intend to end his life.

Last Monday, days after attending the funeral of his father, Cloud, the actor who played Fez on HBO’s hit show, was found dead in his hotel room.

Cloud’s mother Lisa wrote that his last day was joyful, despite being “in deep grief”.

She added that it was clear he was not planning on leaving.

Lisa Cloud wrote on Facebook: “I want you to know I appreciate your love for my family at this shattered time. I also want you to know that, despite his father’s untimely death from mesothelioma, my son had a joyful last day.

He rearranged his room and placed items around the house with the intention of staying in the house he loved for a while. He spoke of his intentions to provide for his sisters at college and to assist his mom emotionally and financially.

When we hugged goodnight, we said we loved each other, and he said he would see me in the morning. I do not know if or what he put into his body after that. The only thing I know is that he fell asleep on the desk where he was doing art projects and never awoke.”

During a 911 dispatch call obtained by US media, Mrs Cloud told emergency services her son might have overdosed.

We may find out that he overdosed accidentally and tragically, but it’s obvious that he didn’t intend to die.

“His struggles were real. He gave and received such love and support from his tribe. His work in Euphoria became a lightning rod for his generation and opened up a discussion about compassion, loyalty, acceptance and love.”

To honor his memory, she said: “Social media posts have suggested his death was intentional. Please make random acts of kindness part of your life. Bless your hearts.”

There is no confirmation of his cause of death.

According to a family statement announcing his death, Cloud struggled with the loss of his father “intensely.”.

We hope that Angus’ passing can serve as a reminder to others that they are not alone and should not fight mental illness alone.

He will be remembered for his humour, laughter, and love for all.”

Fan and co-star tributes, including those from Zendaya and Sydney Sweeney, poured in following his death.

In addition to Drake, Kid Cudi, who was also an executive producer on Euphoria, paid homage to the film.