Russell Brand’s manager cuts ties with him amid sexual assault
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A sexual assault allegation against Russell Brand has led to the termination of his manager Tavistock Wood’s contract.

The Times of London and Sunday Times did an investigative piece that accused Russell of sexual assaulting four women, one of whom was 16 at the time. Tavistock cut ties with Russell after the articles appeared.

A minor claimed in the story that she contacted Tavistock about her experience because she wanted an apology, but didn’t receive one.

According to the girl, who goes by the pseudonym ‘Alice,’ all Russell’s lawyer sent her was an “aggressive message” accusing her of seeking compensation. As a result, ‘Alice’ felt that her experience was invalidated.

Tavistock explained to Deadline that Russell misled him. “He categorically denied the allegation in 2020, but now we believe he misled us horribly.”. TW has terminated all professional connections with Brand.”

Russell, however, denied the allegations in an online statement, claiming that the mainstream media was targeting him because of his controversial views on government policy.